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i get this when creating a project:

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined property: Module::$security

Filename: helpers/security_helper.php
Line Number: 43

Fatal error: Call to a member function xss_clean() on a non-object in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/_fuelcms/fuel/codeigniter/helpers/security_helper.php on line 43


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    Where are you seeing that issue so I can try and replicate it locally? Thanks.
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    OK... that is fixed as well as the issue of accessing /fuel/ (it was missing the fuel/index.php file) on the 0.91 branch. The reason for the error is that CI 2.0 added the Security class which only gets loaded if you have xss filtering or csrf protection turned on in the config. The fix was to just add the Security library to the autoload.
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    works! Thanks

    But a few more have now raised.
    1. uploading a new image for the project gives you:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method CI_Input::xss_clean() in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/_fuelcms/fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/module.php on line 1189

    URL is: http://localhost:8888/_fuelcms/index.php/fuel/projects/edit/3

    2. When selecting an image from "Select Image" button to choose an existing image, the image won't show up, cause i think it's adding '_thumb' to it.

    I get: http://localhost:8888/_fuelcms/assets/images/projects/blog/team_placeholder_thumb.png.

    3. you can create a new page and a nav link for the new page, but when you click the link you get 404.
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    Both issues 1 & 2 should be fixed now and can be downloaded here:

    Specifically, I changed $this->input->xss_clean to just use the xss_clean function instead (because it no longer exists on input in 2.0). The asset select button now should just limit you to the images/projects subfolder which was a change I put in the projects_model::form_fields() (around line 26)

    Working on 3 still.
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    Page creation is fixed now. Had to do with some changes from Matchbox to Modular separation. There should also now be a view button at the top when creating/editing modules.
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    2. still has an issues, no image preview is available.
    path to preview: http://localhost:8888/_fuelcms/assets/images/projects/blog/team_placeholder.png

    (note: just found that the wysiwyg textarea image icon works with showing image preview.)

    Uploading an image still has issues, can't upload image, get either:
    - The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed. (this image is a .jpg at 650kb)
    - The upload destination folder does not appear to be writable. (assets/images, has 777 permissions)


    Create navigation link issue:
    when i create a new link and click save the Nav Key field highlights red and i get a blank error message at the top of the page. And when i then click the Navigation button in the left hand column i don't see the new nav link, but if i viewed another existing nav link and then select the drop down menu, it's there, the new link is there.
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    Make sure the assets/images/projects folder is also writable. And it's possible that the sanitize_images option for the projects model may need to be added set to FALSE (by default it is TRUE) in fuel/applications/config/MY_fuel_modules.php. This removes the xss_clean validation which can sometimes give a false positives (and is the reason for having the sanitze_images option at all). I've pushed that change to the 0.91 branch. This was the change:

    With regards to the navigation, do you get that error message for all new navigation items you create or just ones with a certain location value? I'm not able to replicate it locally yet so any help with those details would be appreciated. Thanks.
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