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Hello, is there any way to manage multiple Menus with fuel? I had a look at the blog tutorial nr. 2 and the user guide but you're always working with one menu, aren't you? There are some pages I want to have in a side menu but not in my top menu. I could use fuel_nav(array('parent' => uri_segment(1))); but then I will get everything from my menu, right?
I think via the web interface there is a way to create different menus with groups and i can use them with the group_id. But I there something like that offline?


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    Are you managing your menus through the admin, or statically using the $nav array in the views/_variables/nav.php file?

    If it is through the FUEL admin, then you can specify the group_id value in the fuel_nav function.

    If you are using a static file, you can either specify a different file in the _variables folder by using the "file" parameter, or you can specify a different "var" parameter to reference a different variable name (e.g $sidenav instead of $nav).

    Alternatively, if you are wanting to stick with one $nav array you can pass it a an array of menu items to exclude from a list through the "exclude" parameter.

    Another option is to specify "hidden" => FALSE for the menu items you want to hide and then in the fuel_nav() you can pass it the option of 'include_hidden' => TRUE/FALSE

    Hope that helps
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