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how can I show the list after submit?

edited August 2011 in Modules
I want after submit to show the message and show the list instead the form
how can I do that?

I have done the advance modules tutorial, in the class_model using on_after_save
how can I show the list and the OK message instead the form?


  • suwsuw
    edited August 2011
  • edited 4:29AM
    you could try manipulating your model's form_fields() method to look for a flash variable set in your on_after_save hook:
    function form_fields($values = array(), $related = array()) { $this->load->library('session'); if ($this->session->flash data('show_list')){ // ... put your list code here... } else { $fields = parent::form_fields($values, $related); // .... other field changes return $fields; } }
  • suwsuw
    edited 4:29AM
    OK good point - thank you, I did that and it's ok, just that
    I really don't know how to call and render the list instead form.
    (the //... put your list code here... is my unknown part)

    I don't understand how to render the content of list, somehow I have to tell to parent class that instead edit or create to render list
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