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I created a site variable in the admin with the name of side_stats and an empty scope. I'm trying to pull that value through to a block (view/_blocks) with:

<?=fuel_var('side_stats', 'kaw kaw')?>

But I'm getting 'kaw kaw' instead. Am I missing something? Do I need something in views/_variables to make it work?

Value is stored in the DB okay..

Is pretty thin on info.

And a tiny catch: ({fuel_var('varname')} = mismatched braces on that UG page.


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    Is the page being rendered by a controller you created, or are you just using a view file that maps to a URI?

    Thanks for the UG catch... I'll update.
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    Mapped view file. But a block. I've created no controllers for this.

    So in a 'home' view I use:
    <?php $this->load->view('_blocks/side_bar')?>

    To load a block. To use the site variable In the side_bar I have:

    <?=fuel_var('side_stats', 'kaw kaw')?>
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    What's your $config['fuel_mode'] in your fuel/application/MY_fuel.php set to?
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    Its set to auto
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    Hmm... I'm not able to replicate the issue yet. What happens on a raw download of FUEL, set up with your existing db information and merging in the variable like above on say the header block that comes with the FUEL download?
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    Ugh, works now.. Can only assume it was a cache issue. Pages aren't cached in the admin and I also logged out just to check that.

    Thanks for checking and sorry to waste your time!
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    When you asked about it being in a controller I wrote, why is that? I have the same bar on a page that is using the blog module and on that page it doesn't work. It's now fine on all the admin-made pages.
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    Ahh... the blog module handles it's variables a little differently in it's controllers. You may be able to get that to work in the blog if you change the following line in the fuel/modules/blog/libraries/Base_blog_controller.php line 34 from:
    $_vars = $this->fuel_pagevars->view_variables(uri_path(), 'blog');

    TO something like:

    $_vars = $this->fuel_pagevars->retrieve(uri_path());

    Let me know if that works.
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    Boomer! Works fine.
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    OK... I'll need to do some more local testing and then may add that to GitHub
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