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I've got a quick (and probably simple) question about the system and the page control structure, mainly as to the function of the "fuel_mode" variable in the MY_fuel.php config file. I completely understand the differences between the 3 setting selections (cms, view and auto), but am wondering if there is any issue or problem with using the auto method long-term that anyone is aware of?

My goal is to have a site setup for our clients that is "mixed mode", meaning that we'll have some pages that will be managed and edited via the CMS, but other pages will exist ONLY as view/controller entities, and the user will NOT be able to edit those (developer only!).

Just want to make sure I'm doing this right, and there's not any problems with going this route. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this CMS?


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    Glad you are finding FUEL so helpful!

    We are not aware of any long-term effects but would of course be curious to hear of anyone having any.

    Also, as an FYI, the order of page precedence is Controllers, pages created in the admin, then static view files (using opt-in controller method).
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    Thanks for the tip on the page precedence - good to know! I'll keep you posted if I come across anything squiffy with the mixed mode setup.
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