Load a model from an advanced module into a fuel_block

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Hello again,

So here it is..

I have a view created in the application folder and i want to load the rent_model from the anunturi advanced module.

This is how i used it to load a model from my simple module.
<h1> anunturi rent</h1> <?=fuel_block(array('view'=>'rent_categories','model'=>'rent_categories_','find'=>'all'))?>
and this is how I`m trying to load the model from the advanced module... Is this possible?
<h1> anunturi rent advanced </h1> <?=fuel_block(array('view'=>'rent_categories2','model'=>'rent','find'=>'all'))?>


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    The fuel_block function is currently only setup to pull from your application directory. I'll put it on the list of things to look though for future update.

    For now, you can just use the $this->load->module_view('anunturie', '_blocks/rent_categories2', $vars)....
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    So, I should use it somehow like this? Am I right?

    $CI->load->model('anunturi/rent_model','rent'); $rent=$CI->rent->find_all(); $vars=array('rent'=>$rent); $this->load->module_view('anunturi', '_blocks/rent_categories2',$vars);

    Is there any other way?
    Thank you.
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    This is working too :D
    $rent = fuel_model('anunturi_rent', array('find' => 'all','module'=>'anunturi')); $vars=array('rent'=>$rent); $this->load->module_view('anunturi', '_blocks/rent_categories2',$vars);
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    yep... both of those should be fine.
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