Custom Validation (Simple Module)

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When developing traditional CI projects you can add custom validation callbacks, where the rule is in the appropriate controller file.
How do you implement this when writing a simple module, does the function go in the model file?
From what I have read, you need to add into the 'on_before_validate' method, calling it like;
function on_before_validate($values) { $values['slug'] = url_title($values['name'], 'dash', TRUE); $posted = $_POST; $this->get_validation()->add_rule('icon', 'my_custom_validation', 'Where is your icon?', $posted['icon']); return $values; }


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    I have created a custom validation file in fuel/application/helpers, how do I reference it.
    Also I have a field that is of type file which has been added to my 'required' array, but the required class is not being applied to the label.
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    You will need to load your custom validation helper like any other helper. The add_rule method looks for a function with that name in the second parameter (or an object => method if the value is an associative array).

    With regards to making it have the asterisk for a required field, you can specify it in your form_fields method instead like so:
    $fields['icon']['required'] = TRUE
    Is the field you want required a field in the table?
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    Thanks, that works a treat.
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