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Add full to nav items

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I am working on a site that has several domains whose A-records point to the site's IP address. Something very strange started happening this morning. We noticed that when clicking around in the nav of the site some of these domains start 'taking over' the site name and all the nav elements are prepended with the new domain.

I'm not sure why this is happening but wanted to know if there is a way in the fuel_nav method to insert the desired domain in front of the uri in order to force the domain not to change? I know I could create the nav by looping through the nav items from the db concatenating them together but thought I'd see if there is a way to do that already in place somewhere.


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    The links in the nav are generated by the site_url() function or anchor function. Those functions use the base_url defined in your config to create the link. If the base_url contains dynamic logic, then that base_url may change.
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    ok. not sure what was going on. the company has hundreds of other domain names and they handle all the A-record pointing on their own server. They might have been doing some crazy stuff with all of that earlier this morning because the 'domain take-over' thing is no longer happening. I also noticed that their main site domain is contained in the nameservers according to the whois lookup I did on these other domain names. However, the main site itself is pointing via an A-record just like all the others. A little weird.
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