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Hello. FUEL CMS seems like it is very good, but I have run into a problem upon installation. I (think) I have followed all the steps correctly for installation. I created the database, change the config, etc. I made sure to enable admin mode in MY_fuel.php. I can see the welcome page just fine, but when I follow its link to the admin part, it brings me to a white page, with text in the middle that says:

The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later.

I have successfully install codeigniter before, and have created multiple web applications from scratch with it. I am wondering if you can help me figure this out, thank you!


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    That message is actually coming from outside of FUEL. A couple questions:
    1. What happens if you create a normal CI controller and method and browse to it?
    2. You do have .htaccess enabled?
    3. Have you used the same server to create CI applications before?
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