Multiple databases not working - regression bug

In Fuel. 1.4.x the fix generated by worked fine.

I've now upgraded to v1.5.1 and the bug has returned despite the original bugfix being present.

In my controller:

function __construct() {

Where anotherdb_model contains:
protected $dsn = 'anotherdb';

An Error Was Encountered
Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

...when rendering a page:
$this->fuel->pages->render('test_view', $vars, $page_init);

Removing the load->model stanza renders the page as expected.

It seems loading the anotherdb_model flips the dsn.

I've tried adding a dummy model, with the default dsn set, to the __construct after anotherdb_model but it doesn't flip back.

Any suggestions?


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