Serving a static folder of content at the root domain

This is a bit of a strange question I guess, but something I can't seem to find the answer to in documentation. Perhaps I'm just not searching for the correct thing.

I have a client who's website uses Fuel, hosted at, let's say ""

They have a "workshop" thing that they've created using some type of application that generates a self contained JS application that they just want to hand to me to host...I don't have any access to the application used to create this application and I don't have the ability to edit the internal code because it's all compiled and minimized.

I need to host that folder at the "root" of the domain -- so like -- but I can't seem to figure out how to do that with Fuel -- because obviously if that folder exists at the root -- but I try to go to that url, I get a 404 due to routing.

Is there a way to put an exclusion in the routing that I'm not seeing?


  • You should be able to put the folder at your web root and browse to it like any static website in a subfolder. If you are using Apache, the .htaccess rule will first look for a folder/file path and if it doesn't exist, it gets routed through FUEL. Do you have anything extra in your .htaccess?

  • That's a good question. I'll look and see. Thanks :)

  • Actually -- I just remembered -- our server team has moved us onto nginx...and from what I remember when they did it...they maybe don't even use the .htaccess guess I'll likely need to get with them. Thanks for the response.

  • Yeah... .htaccess won't work with nginx and so it's likely a change in the nginx rules.

  • Yep. Figured. Thanks again!

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