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facebook and twitter

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Hello all,just started playing around with fuelCMS! It's pretty cool and I was wondering how I could use the social helper to include facebook likes,fb share, twitter share etc. I read the user guide but didnt quite understand. Can someone please give me a step by step example on how to add the social network features to my blog?



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    You should be able to add the function calls directly in your blog view files located in fuel/modules/blog/views/_themes/{my_theme}. For example, the post.php file located in that directory could have the following added to it.
    <?=social_bookmarking_links($post->url, $post->title)?><br /><?=social_tweetme($post->url, $post->title)?><br /> <?=social_stumbleupon($post->url, $post->title)?><br /> <?=social_digg($post->url, $post->title)?><br /> <?=social_facebook_share($post->url, $post->title)?>

    In the above example, the $post variable is automatically past to that view file as part of the blog module, however, you could insert your own URL and title.

    I did notice a few issues with the stumpluopon, tweetme and bookmarking links which I've just fixed and pushed to the repo:
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