Image Attributes

Is this CKeditor fuelimage plugin suppose to grab the width & height attributes when adding an image? Or allow you to enter the alt tag info? I have to add them manually in the source code. Only then do they show up in the image editor.


  • What version are you on? I reported a bug with the class field not being saved earlier in the year which was fixed in the development branch (around May?)

  • edited November 2021

    The most recent version 1.5.0 I downloaded it and installed it about 2 weeks ago. On NGINX server PHP 7.2

  • The fuelimage plugin does not provide that functionality-it just allows you to select from the assets library.

  • That's what I kind of figured. So I added the original ckeditor image plugin and ran it next to the fuelimage plugin on the toolbar. That grabs the width and height attributes if you click on the round arrow and allows you to enter the alt info. It would just be more intuitive if it could all be done in the fuleimage editor, rather than two steps.

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