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This question relates to published site with significant usage -- I don't want to accidentally take it down for any significant length of time.

We currently have a home page that is a php (home.php) file.

I have a draft home page that is a CMS page with the location "home_test". It is currently not in the menu and not published.

I have learned the hard way that changing the location results in losing all page variables that have been set, and there are quite a few of them. I've also had fuel change the navigation structure on me. I'd like to avoid both if possible.

I'm looking at the structure of the fuel_pages and fuel_nav tables. Both seem pretty straight forward. I'm thinking that I could likely avoid most problems simply by manually editing the location in the fuel_pages table to "home" and setting the published field to "yes". I'm then assuming from what I see that the fuel_nav table would need no changes.

Am I correct in this?

Would I need to eliminate the home.php file or will the CMS page take precedence?

I don't know if it matters, but we are in fuelcms 1.4.2

Thank you


  • That's what I would do. In my experience, the view file take priority over the CMS so I would move the home.php away from the file structure. Clear the Fuel cache when you're ready for the change to go public.
    [fuel_page_variables] is keyed on page_id rather than location. I've not come across data/variable loss through editing the location...

  • The CMS page should take precedence over the home.php view file. Also, regarding the nav, if you have a single entry in the CMS then that will take precedence over anything in the _variables/nav.php file.

  • Thank you. I had not thought about the cache.

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