Using fuel admin to add/edit entries to an external database only accessible with json APIs

I use fuelcms to admin several mysql databases and I love it !
I would like to admin an external database which I can only access through a REST/json api (it's a SAP database).

I am ready to customize a model so that the parsing of the json is made in the model to feed the structures needed in fuel to admin the database (with the "classical" list view + edit form)
If that is possible, what would be the easiest way to proceed ?



  • I'm not quite sure I follow. For FUEL to work, you would need to have a database table setup specifically for the module. In this case using an external REST/JSON API, you would need to sync your external data to and from it. You could using the on_after_save() hook on the model to perhaps push data to the API, but as for pulling in the data, that would probably need to be done somewhere else.

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