Slow pages (before they are cached)


I am experiencing a strange issue with version 1.4.13 : on a server installation, the first time I request the home page, it is very slow (2 minutes), then, once the page is cached, it is quick, until the cache expires (not sure how much time the page is cached), or until I reset the cache => it is slow again.
I triple checked, :) the folders cache, cache/dwoo and cache/dwoo/compiled are writable (they are outlined in green in the page once it loads).

Has anyone experienced the same kind of issue ?



  • To give a bit more information : while the page loads (2 minutes), I monitor the cache directory on the server : it stays empty for the whole 2 minutes, then, as soon as the page is displayed in the browser, I see that the 2 files were created (.cache and .exp)
    So it seems it's the creation of the cached files, or something before that, that takes a while.

  • There are a number of factors that could be contributing to that (e.g. DB calls, other code execution). A few questions:
    1. Is the page created in the CMS?
    2. Have you created a simple static page view file and does it render the same or faster (
    3. Are there other libraries/functions being used to render the page?
    4. Does the site work OK on a different server/environment?

  • 1) 2) It's the original fuelcms home page
    3) no
    4) locally, on my pc, it seems ok

  • I just checked, on the server with the issue, the php version is 5.4.16, do you think it could be linked ?

  • I can't think of anything 5.4 specific, however, there is probably other things to be concerned about that server too given how old that version of PHP is.

  • I'd look at your server resources if it runs OK on your PC.

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