Users extending with account expiration

Hi all,

I've extended fuel_users table with extra "date_expire" date field which I use to check if account is about to expire.
Than I can run cronjob and set expired accounts to "inactive", by setting "active" to NO inside fuel_users table.

What I would love to do is change login way and display different error message. I would love to check the "date_expire" together with "active" column. If account is expired I would love to return message that its deactivated due expiration date.

I can extend _blocks/notifications.php to show different message if(date_expire < now()) kind of way.

There is probably something safer and better to do instead.

Possible way is to keep user "active" in database but force log-out after login and date_expire is checked. If expired, redirect user to different page and show account expiration message.

I would prefer option one, but don't know how to make it.


  • I've actually found solution for this. It's not perfect but does what is has to do.
    By extending fuel_users_model and adding extra one function which query for date_expire fiel from fuel_users, compares dates and send info back to Login controller located in fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/Login.php

    I've placed that call in place where login error messages are generated, and I just generate extra one message if date has expired. ;)

    This CMS is awesome! :D

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