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So, I'm trying to add a div with ID to my CKEditor in Fuel but it keeps stripping the ID out of the tag. I managed to fix CKEditor to keep the tags, but it appears it's Fuel that's stripping the ID.

I enter </p> <p class="test" id="test">&nbsp;</p> <p>
I switch between Source and Editor and the tags stay now.
As soon as I click save, the result is </p> <p class="test">&nbsp;</p> <p>
and I'm not sure why? 🤔

Any idea of where I need to look to fix this? I've scoured the docs but can't seem to find anything related to this. I'm sure it's just a config option somewhere that I'm missing.

Thanks again :)


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    It's either CKEditor doing that or potentially something with the HTML purifier which can be further configured in the fuel/application/config/purifier.php. It requires the develop branch because there are some issues on the master branch currently (we are actively working on some issues with purifier).

    Documentation on purifier:

  • I'll take a look. Thank you. The purifier.php config file is new, isn't it.

  • Relatively new use... needed to combat some XSS issues.

  • Definitely worthwhile then. :)

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