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I'm not sure if this question is for you guys.

I have a lot of errors in the PHP error log file such as
[Fri Nov 20 07:21:01 2020] [error] [client] request="GET /assets/images/assessments/boulder.png HTTP/1.1" pid=139784005643584 uid=3932064 gid=3932064, referer:
[Fri Nov 20 07:24:12 2020] [error] [client] request="POST /assessments/tests/submission/add HTTP/1.1" pid=139784005640062 uid=3932064 gid=3932064, referer:
Many of them relates to images or pages that exist. I'm not sure if this is something to worry about, but I don't like errors.
What should I do here?


  • This appears to be something outside of FUEL but a few questions first:

    A few questions:
    1. Does this happen on your local setup?
    2. Are those Apache logs or PHP error logs?
    3. Does something in the logs appear after every page load?
    4. Do the logs change if you turn on and off the error reporting in the index.php file (where the ENVIRONMENT switch statement is and it sets it between lines 139-163):

    // All Errors Displayed
    ini_set('display_errors', 1);
    //All But Fatal Errors Turned Off
    ini_set('display_errors', 0);
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