Trouble with new test install

Hi all,

Thinking about using fuel for a site I'm going to do. I haven't used it in some time. I followed the directions and I'm testing it on a local Ampps install on my Mac. I have an alias set to the source directory.

The primary alias worked and took me to the install directions page. I followed those steps. At the bottom it gives me a URL to login to CMS but this fails every single time with URL not found.

I named the alias "wwv" and it points to my source dir where the assets and fuel folders are as well well rewrite and index.php.

going to: http://localhost/wwv/

works and I get the install instructions just fine. At the bottom of the page it gives this URL:


To log into the fuel admin.

Clicking on this causes the browser to go to


And this gives a 404 not found message.

Any suggestions on what I've got setup wrong?


  • Did you set the .htaccess RewriteBase to "/wmv/"?

    RewriteBase /wmv/

    Also did you set the $config['admin_enabled'] = TRUE; in the fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php?

  • Let me double check!

  • Ackkk... Ok my apologies... It appears my first edit of rewrite did not get the rewrite base set. Sorry for the wasted time and bandwidth.

  • No worries.

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