fuel.lang is not a function

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Simple module. Rich text field. Does not display ckEditor on record edit. Browser console returns "fuel.lang is not a function". Both setting the field type and leaving it to automatic results in the same thing.

All the neccessary Fuel js files seem to be loading.

Hiding all the richtexts exposes another problem, the selects aren't pre-populating (though the "selected" attribute is set). This problem seems to be a general js loading issue.

In the same app, Pages works and another simple module with rich text fields does too. It's just this module.
What's different? I guess the only thing is is that it has loads of fields of differing sorts (only x4 rich text fields though)
Any thoughts?


  • I'm not quite sure. fuel.lang() is a function loaded in the global.js file but at the bottom of the page so it sounds like maybe a field is calling that inline. Are you able to disable fields in your model's form_fields() method (you can use unset($fields['field1'],... $fields['field5']); in that method to remove fields)?

  • I'm working through setting up each field (there's about 150), some needing dropdowns and boolean etc. I was getting a bunch of these fual.lang() things but there's fewer now. Maybe it's just getting confused about what needs to happen with each field and that's slowly getting better as I sort them out? I'll report back once I've finished.
    I did find fuel.lang() in global.js and can confirm that's being loaded...

  • OK, sorted. It turns out I had a field called [fuel] in my MySQL table.
    (it arrived through an automated import)
    I changed it to [fueltype] and the fuel.lang() error disappeared.

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