Upgrading Fuel CMS

I'm curious if you have a great way to update Fuel CMS core files without having to manually drop the files in the system. I can't find a more automated method.

What I'd like:

  1. Git update fuel-cms
  2. test changes
  3. Git commit/push my new file structure to my git

What I have to do now:

  1. Download new files manually
  2. Go through and replace the main folders
  3. Make sure any file modifications are in place
  4. Make sure my files within the core modules (JQX files for instance) have been copied
  5. test changes
  6. Git commit/push my new file structure to my git

I'm curious what others do 'cause I feel this is the long-way around?


  • We will usually have the FUEL Github as a remote and merge in from that repo resolving any conflicts that may be in the application folder that I want to keep.

  • I'm not sure I understand. Is there a walkthrough on how to apply that? I'm extremely curious how that works.

  • So basically, when we setup a project, we have two remote sources, one to the project repo and another to the FUEL repo (https://github.com/daylightstudio/FUEL-CMS.git). When there are updates to FUEL, you just do a pull from that source. In cases where there are conflicts (e.g. config files in the app directory), you'll need to resolve them and merge.

  • Fantastic, I'll look into this! I didn't even know that was an option.

  • It usually works pretty well assuming you don't change FUEL's folder structure and you know what files in the app directory you purposely changed when there are conflicts.

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