Fuel 1.4.7 - Error in blocks/if.php -- each() function is deprecated

Severity: 8192

Message: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls

Filename: blocks/if.php

Line Number: 41

Any ideas to why this may be happening? The page in question has a block in it that has some pretty simple dwoo if statements that worked fine in Fuel 1.2


  • edited June 2020

    This appears to be due to some DWOO library code that may need to be updated. Can you test something for me on your end? If you go to that file at fuel/modules/fuel/libraries/parser/dwoo/plugins/builtin/if.php line 41 and replace the while (list($k,$v) = each($params)) { with foreach ($params as $k => $v) { does that fix that error for you?

  • Yep, that seems to have gotten rid of the message.

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