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I recently adopted to use fuelCMS for our university website, was able to integrate with MDB(Material design), but I want to build a search module that can search the Website content from the frontEnd just like you have in other CMS, I have followed the Search module instructions but i got an empty string => ( 0 Results for “” No search results found). I really need to get this to work so as to convince them that the flexibility and control you have with fuelCMS can not be gotten form others that boxed you in corner. Please advice.


  • if you want to demo fuel based search in action take a look at
    It's pretty certain that something in your setup isn't right. Have you initialised the search table within the Fuel dashboard with data? Have you set up a div container in your layout view for the search engine to look within?

  • Thank you @almostcompletely there is no div tag in my layout, and I have installed the search module and the search table has been created but it is empty, I thought the search will be done against the table that contains the pages. I know for sure there are things that I am no doing correctly. Please I have also gone through some tutorials yet I am still not getting it right even after following step by step. Please i need some guide.
    Thank you.

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    In your layout view, add a <div id="searchable">...</div> around the content you want to be searchable
    In your search config file, edit the line:
    $config['search']['delimiters'] = array('<div id="searchable">','//meta[@name="keywords"]/@content',);

    Then go to the search section in Fuel and click the re-index button. New pages created in Fuel after these changes should automatically start appearing in the search table as they are prepared for searching on saving.

  • Sorry I never got back, still have not tried this though been caught up with a lot of supports issues in my place of work. Will get back to you on this @almostcompletely

  • @almostcompletely does it it mean that all the pages I have created can not be searchable?

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    The Search module works by using CURL to scan the pages using the delimiters specified in the config and parsing the HTML of the page to extract the text to be searched. As @almostcompletely said, for that to work, you'll need to make sure that the HTML contains one or more of the delimiters. The format of the delimiters can be a single tag (e.g. <div id="searchable">) or it can be an xpath (

  • Thanks @admin, got it working.

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