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Getting sent back out to login screen.

Is there any reason why I would just now be being kicked out of the admin side when I haven't touched anything in months? Is what I get nearly everytime. Not sure what that hash is after the /login/ and when I say me. I mean the client I built this for. Could it be laptop related? Server related?


  • I'd have them try deleting their cookies and see if that fixes it first.

  • He deleted his cookies and still getting sent back to the login. Could it be a sessions problem? What other information can I extract for a clearer picture

  • It does sound like a session issue. Sometimes it has to do with where the session information is being saved may not be a writable folder. You can try setting up a writable /tmp directory above the web root and set the fuel/application/config/config.php sess_save_path value to the full path to that directory.

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