I am wondering if anyone has successfully updated AlmostCompletely's Assets plugin ( into Fuel version 1.4 successfully. He indicated that it was for 1.3 and would not work for1.4, but that it should be easy to update it. I get just far enough to think that it would be easy if you understand what changes are needed. I get the module routing done, but I get 404 errors when I click on the image icon in the editor or, for upload/select images, on the select file button if outside of CKeditor. I'm not good enough with php and javascript to figure what is building the those URLs, and it looks like they are being built dynamically.


  • LOL. Yeah. Me!
    It's been one of those iterative improvements things so maybe I need update the repo... [bandwidth!] Fundamentally, it shouldn't be far off but I can't remember what I've done tbo. Juggling routes and paths was a ball-ache. It's probably something to do with that...
    Check the "team" section in the readme. Google the company name and send me an email. I'll zip up what I have and send it to you.
    There's a few extra useful bits now including a custom field that fires up ckfinder to add a filename to a text field.

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