Noob here - Why doesn't fuel_model show anything from my simple module database?

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I've made a simple module names 'stories' using this syntax on the command line:
php index.php fuel/generate/simple stories

I've made an entry in the CMS in the stories module and wanted to display the title of each story added.

Here is my code within a static view file, which shows fuel_model giving an empty array, and an alternative method of retrieving my db information:

<?php $stories = fuel_model('stories'); //this shows an empty array foreach ($stories as $value){ echo $value['title']."<br />".$value['content']."<br /><br />"; } $stories2 = $this->stories_model->list_items(); //this works foreach ($stories2 as $value){ echo $value['title']."<br />".$value['content']."<br /><br />"; } echo "<br />"; echo "<br />"; var_dump($stories); //this shows an empty array echo "<br />"; var_dump($stories2); //this works ?>

I thought I should be using fuel_model() to get stuff from the module...
Please help!


  • $stories = $this->stories->find_all();
    Should give you an array that you can work with ( foreach() )

  • I tried what you said, and it also outputs an empty array. What am I missing? I've tried following the docs, and can't quite seem to make sense of why my default module won't work. I've made no modifications to the generated simple module.

    I do have 2 'stories' entered on the admin side, and they list fine (on the admin side). Your $stories = $this->stories->find_all(); only gives an error, where $stories = $this->stories_model->find_all(); will output the blank array, same as the fuel_model('stories');

    list_all() does work though and it appears that this is the function I should use for the view file? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.

  • Does the "stories" table have a "published" or "active" field? If so, is it set to "yes". By default, FUEL will look at those to fields to automatically not include those in the query. Similar with "publish_date". You can do this->stories_model->debug_query() to output the raw SQL being generated after the last request which may help you debug too.

  • Thank-you so much, that was it! I didn't realize find_all() needed a pubdate, and only had the published field enabled. Once I set a pubdate, and ensured published was still active, the find_all() worked and output my fields. It also works with fuel_model('stories_module') as well.

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