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Forum Module & Filter Question

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Q1. I understand this site is build base on the fuelcms too , is the forum module going to be release ?
Q2. on the listing page, I understand the filter can use it to filter multiple column by using the filter_field options, but what if we need to have filter which specific for certain column ? is there a way to overwrite the default setting ?
in stead of just having a input field to filter everything, i would like to add on another dropdown beside to do a more detail filter base on one of column ?


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    A1. We actually don't have a forum module and haven't had the need yet to go down that path since there are already some nice free alternatives. We are using Vanilla Forums:

    A2. If I understand you correctly, you can do this as well by modifying the "filters" module parameter. The navigation module does this to get the extra dropdown for the navigation group. You can see it around line 84 in the fuel/modules/config/fuel_modules.php file. That uses the form_builder to render any additional filters for the list view. For the navigation modules, the options for the dropdown are actually set in the fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/navigation.php controller in the items method.
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    A1. noted , i thought this forum is a module.

    A2. yup thanks for the guide, didn't know can create controller that extend the module controller to overwrite the parent like this, this is really nice.
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