Inline creation not working -- clueless

I can create and in admin, so the model itself seems to be OK

I can edit existing records inline -- the following works:
<?php if ($ok_to_edit) echo fuel_edit($item->id, 'Edit Highlight', 'landscaping');?>

I cannot create new records inline -- the following (called short form in the user guide) shows nothing, not even the +
<?php if ($ok_to_edit) echo fuel_edit ('create', 'landscaping'); ?>
And generates something unrelated to the module

This appears to be a documentation error

The following shows an edit box without the form -- The + does show and a "waiting to load" icon shows, but all that shows of the form are the close and save buttons
<?php if ($ok_to_edit) echo fuel_edit ('create', 'Add Highlight', 'landscaping'); ?>
It generates code that looks correct to me

Any ideas? Happening with all of my models - all were converted from 0.97


  • I don't know if this helps, but inspecting the element shows that the form tags are there but there is no content between them

  • Let's try this again -- I need inline editing of database tables to work. Inline create is producing
    This generates that useless form with no content

    I'm pretty sure it should be producing
    This generates the correct form

    This URL seems to have been created by the inline edit javascript. The javascript for editing existing records seems to be OK

    This appears to be a bug.

    Can anyone suggest a fix?

  • There does appear to be a bug in the docs like you suggested (I've posted a fix in the develop branch and updated it on the live docs).

  • Thank you.

    There is also a bug in the generated code even after dealing with the documentation issue. My November 24 post describes it. I suspect the fix is simple, but I have not been able to find it in the code (it will be in the javascript).

    I am very fearful that I may be the only user who has tried inline editing in 1.4 using a database table - I would have thought these issues would have come up sooner - similar issue with page variables came up long ago.

    As an FYI, I've been looking at other, more modern cms. What I've found it that FuelCMS is still a leader for anyone who needs both easy customization and a very easy user interface (front-end editing of almost everything). It is truly unique in its balance between users and developers. I encourage you to continue to support your very good CMS and build on what you have done.


  • I was able to replicate your issue and have pushed a fix to the develop branch.

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