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issue with select2

i have been trying to use the select2 form type, the problem is that additional options like "maximumSelectionLength" wont work
$fields['states'] = array('type' => 'select2', 'maximumSelectionLength'=>5,'maximumInputLength'=>3);
it outputs the select2 but the maximumSelectionLength does not take effect.
any help please


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    Does it work if you attach data attributes to the element like in the following:

    $fields['states'] = array('type' => 'select2', 'data' => array('maximum-selection-length' => 5, 'maximum-input-length'=>3));
  • Sorry for the delayed response, Let me give that a try

  • edited October 2019

    Thanks for the code but I tried it and it still did not work.
    $fields['states'] = array('type' => 'select2', 'data' => array('maximum-selection-length' => 2, 'maximum-input-length'=>3));

  • Another thing you could try is adding the following to the fuel/application/config/custom_fields.php to overwrite the existing configuration for the select2 custom field:

    $fields['select2'] = array(
        'class'     => array(FUEL_FOLDER => 'Fuel_custom_fields'),
        'function'  => 'select2',
        'js' => array(
            FUEL_FOLDER => array(
        'js_exec_order' => 1,
        'js_function' => 'fuel.fields.select2',
            'js_params' => array('maximumSelectionLength' => 5, 'maximumInputLength' => 3),
        'css' => array(
            FUEL_FOLDER => array(

    Note the js_params addition to the configuration. That gets converted to a JSON object which gets passed to the select2 as a configuration object in the custom_fields.js select2 function.

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