Migrating Data from old FuelCMS System

My company has an old FuelCMS v1.0.2 installation running on a Debian v7.8 VM. This system was built long before I was hired and has no documentation. Now I have been asked to upgrade/migrate the system to Azure. Unfortunately I cannot just migrate the whole VM as Azure does not support Debian v7.8. So I am left with building a new VM in Azure, installing FuelCMS on it and then trying to migrate our data. After some Google searching I have not really found very much information on what is required to migrate an old FuelCMS installation to a new FuelCMS installation. I signed up here hoping that someone might be able to help me figure out what my options are and how I can complete this upgrade. Thank you for any help you can offer.


  • It will depend a lot on the custom changes made to your version in how well the upgrade goes. We typically will handle it through GIT and point to GitHub FUEL Repo as a remote source and merge in that way resolving any conflicts that usually happen to files in the applications directory (MY_fuel_layouts, MY_config, etc). Then installing any SQL updates found in the fuel/install/upgrades/ folder.

    FUEL 1.4 was a major update to CI 3x and it required some changing of files names (in particular using uppercase model and controller names). The changing of filenames can be problematic when dealing with casing and GIT since Macs by default may not recognize the change of the file. To help with this transition, there is a fuel script that can be executed in the root of your project directory that will help solve some of the common problems encountered when upgrading to FUEL 1.4x:

    php index.php fuel/installer/update

    More can be found here on the 1.4 update:

    In general, most customizations for an application happen in the fuel/application directory, especially in the fuel/application/views, fuel/application/controllers (if there are any) and fuel/application/models/. Additionally there are some fuel specific configs found in fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php, MY_fuel_modules.php MY_fuel_layouts.php that you won't want to overwrite because those will house custom application specific configurations.

    Whether it's easier to start from a fresh installation and migrate over the application specific files and make the database updates from fuel/install/upgrades or do a GIT merge may depend on how comfortable you are with navigating merge conflicts and how big the site is.

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