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is there a way to access module function through url

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i have a class in my core folder

class MY_Base_module_model extends Base_module_model{
public function __construct($table = NULL, $params = NULL)
parent::__construct($table, $params);
function get_ajax_csrf()
echo json_encode(array(
a simple module :

class Axyz extends MY_Base_module_model{
public $boolean_fields = array('archived');
public $serialized_fields = array('precedence');
public $required = array('title');
public function __construct()
parent::__construct('announcements'); // table name

public function form_fields($values = array(), $related = array())
    $fields = parent::form_fields($values, $related);
    return $fields;


now i want to call get_ajax_csrf() through url . is their a way . i am planning to do $.getJSON() the csrf and update in window.parent.

also i am planning to do it from $.fn.jqmHide function but is their a better place to coll .. i cant find the function while upload a asset is triggered .


  • When you say "i want to call get_ajax_csrf() through url" do you mean you want a URL that returns the CSRF token? If so, you can create a method on your model called "ajax_csrf_token" and then it would be available at fuel/{module}/ajax/csrf_token:

  • hi i want a common place where i don't have to add the JavaScript file each time . as i have to use this csrf tocken update throughout the admin panel including pages actually where ever modal i frame uploading / update is taking place .

    instead of MY_Base_module_model i am using a controller (using $this->fuel->admin->check_login(); )

    currently i have update the fuel/modules/fuel/assets/js/jquery/plugins/jqModal.js files jqmHide function as follow .

    if(typeof this.NodeList.prototype.forEach != undefined ) { this.NodeList.prototype.forEach = Array.prototype.forEach; } // out side mane object

    $.fn.jqmHide=function(t){return this.each(function(){
            if(typeof window.parent != "undefined" ){
                if(typeof window.parent.CallParent == "undefined" ){
                    window.parent.CallParent = function(context)
                        $.getJSON(jqx_config.basePath+"xyz/get_ajax_csrf", function(result){
                            if(typeof result.token  != "undefined"){

    i am now looking for a better function to update CSRF instead of $.fn.jqmHide to ensure it executed only when modal i frame uploading / update is taking place ``

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