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Display Format in datetime Field


in my Events_model I need to display the weekday name next to the datepicker.

I kind of expected it will all happen magically if I set the date_format'D, d.m.Y', to get Mon, 28.08.2019

public function form_fields($values = array(), $related = array())

    $fields['start_date']['label']        =  'Datum von';
    $fields['start_date']['date_format']  =  'D, d.m.Y';

    $fields['end_date']['label']          =  'Datum bis';
    $fields['end_date']['date_format']    =  'D, d.m.Y';

It's shown correctly in the start_date field but not in the end_date field and saving the field makes problems as well.

Do I need to transform those fields myself, before saving?

I checked the values in function on_before_clean($values) where they appear in the D, d.m.Y format, but in public function on_before_save($values) $values['start_date'] is null. So somehow, something gets lost in between, and I can't make any sense of it.

I appreciate any hint.


  • I guess I have to prepare and reformat the fields myself. This did it for me:

        function on_before_clean($values)
            $values = parent::on_before_clean($values);
            $fields = $this->form_fields();
            foreach($fields as $key => $field){
                if(isset($field['type']) && $field['type'] == 'datetime' && !empty($field['date_format'])){
                    $date = date($field['date_format'], strtotime($values[$key]));
                    $time = sprintf('%02d:%02d', $values[$key. '_hour'], $values[$key. '_min']);
                    $date .= ' '.$time;
                    $values[$key] = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', strtotime($date));
            return $values;

    If there is a built-in way, let me know. Thanks!

  • That would be the way to do it at this time.

  • Ok, cool! Thanks for confirming.

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