file css and js

I want to personalize my pages
please explain to me where i find this path?
echo css('main').css($css);
echo js('main').js($js); tanks


  • Those paths reference /assets/css/main.css and /assets/js/main.js respectively. The fuel/application/config/asset.php specifies the paths and different asset folders. The extends for the js and css folders aren't required.

  • so if I don't understand this badly:
    echo css ('main'). css ($ css);
    refers to the main.css file
    but if I want to have more references like ...
    flexslider.css ... etc I have to create (maybe) an array and where do I put it?

  • Sorry... just saw this. The $js and $css array are created as default convenience variables in the fuel/application/views/_variables/globals.php. In there you can change the variables value to be either an array or comma separate string.

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