Advanced Module Permission

I installed tools/google_keywords advanced module then made an advanced module under tools called reporting. I see tools/google_keywords in the permissions so i can assign users to have permissions to it but I do not see my Reporting in the permissions? Where do I tell fuel to include my advanced module in the permissions?


  • In this case, you can add the permission with the name of tools/google_keywords and assign it to users.

  • Add it to where? The google_keywords is showing up in permissions and in the left admin navigation. Reporting is not for the user. It is for admin

  • Here is what I'm describing that the reporting not showing for user. Is there an installation routine that needs to be run?



  • And the checkbox for that users permission is checked

  • I added the permission to the permissions page through the Create button and put tools/reporting as the name. It appears to do the trick

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