Sport results registration and viewer - Which way to go?

I'm very new to CI and Fuel so I will probably ask some newbie questions.

I'm building the website with the public part and the part for logged-in users.
I want to let users to register (+recaptcha) with few custom fields, log in, register their sport exercises results few times a year by filling a form (with conditional logic), view and edit all entered data (submissions and registered profile data) and monitor their sport progress with charts (like google charts). App should send an email to the user after some time of inactivity.
Would be great I could view all the entered data within the Fuel CMS, but it is not a must.

I'm a little bit confused about possibilities of Fuel and need some advice which implementation way to go.

Should I create a simple module, advanced or CI separate app? Or maybe there is other possibility to choose?
Should I implement the form with Form_builder or Form module?
Would be great to register users within Fuel Users but is it a good idea?

I will be really appreciated for any tips and advises.

Best regards,


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