Blog module and the asset uploader


I thought i had a general bug somewhere but after digging around for the best part of the afternoon i'm not sure it's me anymore. But also at a loss to solve it.

The problem;

When uploading images to a blog post, the asset uploader posts the image, but enters the filename only to be sorted with the post 'main','list' & 'thumbnail' image names, which are all the same. The preview that loads seem to use the cache system to store the different resolution images.

Additionally, as far as i can see the 'create thumb' option, doesn't actually do anything?

Does anyone know why the blog module doesn't store the cache reference? or create a separate thumbnail image? And how to call the image/image path correctly? get_image(), get_image_path() & get_thumbnail_image_path() are all essentially the same function.


  • The preview that loads is what's about to be uploaded before it is saved. If the files are exactly the same file name then the preview will be the same for each one after you hit save. You'll need to set a different name in the New file name field value for them to be different.

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