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Using constants of one advanced module to another .

edited March 2019 in Modules

I have two advanced modules - login and profile.
Both uses facebook-php sdk.
I put sdk files in profile>libraries> folder.
To use those facebook-php files in --login module -- I used require_once(PROFILES_PATH.'libraries/Facebook/autoload.php'); in controller file of login module.

It throws an warning.

**"Use of undefined constant PROFILES_PATH - assumed 'PROFILES_PATH' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP)" **

Reason: is i am using constants of profile module which is not defined in login module.

Question is: How do I use library files of profile module into login module? (Just don't want to copy and put same files in each of the modules library folder)


  • Is there a "PROFILES_PATH" defined in a fuel/modules/{my_module}/{my_module}_constants.php?

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