Fuel block params

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or misuse, but here's my issue:

Inside a controller Reservations, I'm using a view inside of the email class message() method like so

$content = $this->load->view('reservations/reservation_response_email', ['data' => $data], TRUE);

In that view I'm using fuel_block() to pull in some partials and parse any braced variables (provided above by $data). So that works as intended just fine, but I get a PHP error too:

<br />A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: 4096

Message: Object of class Reservations could not be converted to string

Filename: libraries/Parser.php

Line Number: 150


File: /var/www/public/fuel/modules/fuel/libraries/Fuel_blocks.php
Line: 273
Function: parse_string

File: /var/www/public/fuel/modules/fuel/helpers/fuel_helper.php
Line: 98
Function: render

File: /var/www/public/fuel/application/views/reservations/reservation_response_email.php
Line: 18
Function: fuel_block

File: /var/www/public/fuel/modules/fuel/core/Loader.php
Line: 396
Function: include

File: /var/www/public/fuel/modules/fuel/core/Loader.php
Line: 323
Function: _ci_load

File: /var/www/public/fuel/application/controllers/Reservations.php
Line: 177
Function: view

File: /var/www/public/index.php
Line: 364
Function: require_once

The fuel_block is being used so:

fuel_block(['parse' => TRUE, 'view' => 'reservation_request_'.$data['request']], $data, FALSE);

I need to send parameters to fuel_block(), as if I don't specify parse => TRUE it won't parse the braced variables, while if I just set the first argument to fuel_block() as the view name, I don't get the error.

Somehow the Parser helper or class is referencing the controller class ($this) but I don't know what I need to do to prevent that? I can suppress the error with @fuel_block() of course, but that makes me feel bad.

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