Subfolder not creating

I was following this tutorial:

and after I finished the article module, I tried uploading using the image field, and all images are saved in the assets/images even if I entered something at the subfolder field.

P.S. this also happen to the thumb image field


  • This seems like a permissions issue. Is the assets/images folder writable with the ability for PHP to create subfolders? Also, if the subfolders exist, do they get uploaded to those folders instead of the assets/images folder?

  • yes if the subfolder exist it works. i tried uploading using the image uploader in the content wysiwyg and it creates the subfolder but it not works if using the image/thumb image field directly

  • I tried adding 'subfolder' => 'folder-name' in the field array and it works but if I change it, it adds in the same subfolder from the array and not the one I typed

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