Model not found

Moving working code from local development server to live server. Functions correctly on XAMPP (in version 1.4). Version 1.4.3 is on the live server. Php 5.4.28 on the live server.

Getting "model not found" error. It is in the models directory. Yes, it is in My_Fuel_Models.php. Yes, the table does exist in the database and has data in it.

I thought it might be a .htaccess issue since the site is a subdomain, but if I change "RewriteBase /" to "RewriteBase /dev/" I get 500 errors when I try to log in (or go to the page that needs to use the model). I also know that the .htaccess file in the main domain is meddling (it it changing the URL from to

Also worthly of knowing is that Fuel is finding its tables (nav is working, login is working).

Error information (from the page that needs to use the model) is as follows:

Type: RuntimeException

Message: Unable to locate the model you have specified: News_model

Filename: /home/fnpsorg/public_html/dev/fuel/codeigniter/core/Loader.php

Line Number: 348


File: /home/fnpsorg/public_html/dev/fuel/modules/fuel/core/Loader.php
Line: 237
Function: model

Fuel admin does not seem to know that it exists. It simply does not show.

Any ideas?


  • I know --
    0. The name of the model is correct and the error message makes it clear that it is known
    1. The model directory permissions look OK (755)
    2. The model php file permissions look OK (644)
    3. The database is being found and works if it is a fuel table, it my tables look and work OK in phpMyAdmin
    4. The models have not changed from the development server where they worked
    5. The directory structure is correct
    6. My_fuel.php has $config['fuel_mode'] = 'auto';
    7. Everything except models seem to load (views, libraries, etc.)
    8. The same thing is happening to every model that I created
    9. the same error message is occurring both in my view where I use the model and in Fuel Admin

    I badly need to capture the "why" of the models not being found. I have looked at the code in Fuel_pages, Fuel_posts, Fuel_modules, and Loader -- is there any way to print out any debugging information from any of them?


  • Is the name of the file capitalized as News_model.php instead of news_model.php?

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