Form builder url field and its select button

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I have a field named "gateway_url" and in CMS admin pages this will appear with a select button next to it, as it has a custom field representation associated with it. However, in "edit" mode, I want this field as "readonly", but the select button still appears when readonly is defined. I don't want to rename the field, so how could I avoid this button appearing?

My goal is to show the value of gateway_url, but not allow it to be re-edited after creation.


  • Is the enclosing CSS different when in readonly mode? Maybe some custom CSS might be enough for you if you can hook it to a readonly class?

  • It sounds like it's using the URL field type because it has the text URL in the name of the field. You can use the parameter ignore_representative => TRUE when defining your field so that it will become a basic text field.

  • Thanks both of you - I found out another way - using the 'displayonly' => TRUE parameter will also not show a select button!

    But admin's solution seems definitive, so I have used that.

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