How to manipulate data saved to database


I have a simple products module.

When the user creates a product, I want one of the fields to be save in uppercase to the database.

I think I should use the model hook: on_before_save but I can't find any example of where to put this hook and how to actually use it.

Do I put in the the products model file? Where? how?

Can anyone point me to the right documentation or give me an example on how to use this hook?


  • Found the answer, thx

    In the products_model file, under:
    class Products_model extends Base_module_model {

    I added this function:
    public function on_before_save($values) { $values = parent::on_before_save($values); $values['product_code'] = strtoupper($values['product_code']); return $values; }

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