Resources ending up in site map when they should not


When a page is marked as being Unpublished it should not appear in the sitemap under any circumstances.

I've had several occurrences where pages that were Unpublished appeared in the sitemap thanks to a bug in the Navigation system.

Consider this:

  • Page set to Unpublished
  • Menu item under Navigation set to Page
  • Menu item Hidden column set to Yes
  • Menu item Published column to Yes

The page appears in the sitemap.

The fourth condition should never override the first condition.

In fact this begs the question why is there a Publish column under Navigation in the first place... a Hidden toggle is sufficient or call it Active/Inactive.


  • Why would you have a menu item published but pointing to an unpublished page?
    Navigation is decoupled from pages (rightly so), you need to manage both.

    If you really want to have live menu items pointing into the wilderness, I guess you'll need to edit the sitemap view to restrict the items to what you want to show using your own logic?

  • rl2rl2
    edited December 2018

    Menu items visually have two states Visible or Not Visible - the Hidden column. They are never "published".

    If you create a page and no longer want it, but don't want to delete the page you would simply set the page to Unpublished; this in turn should then be flagged in the Navigation system as a page going "into the wilderness" and automatically Hidden.

    So basically you said it, Navigation is decoupled from Pages - which is a shame, the CMS should be "aware" of it own Pages, Posts or Models in the Navigation hierarchy.

    So I guess the answer to my question has been answered... That's what the Published column is for - because there is no integration between the modules; Pages and Navigation.

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