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How to initialize Markitup with Markdown?

I'm using this according to the docs:

'type'         => 'wysiwyg',
'editor'       => 'markitup',
'markdown'     => TRUE,

But it doesn't render the Markdown editor. Just the standard HTML editor.

I can force it, if I set

                editorSet = 'markdown';

in custom_fields.js, but... do I miss something? Or is it a bug?


  • That seems to be a bug / typo: You can initialize it by setting it with the editor_config parameter:
    'editor_config' => 'markdown'

  • editor_config does work. Thank you.

    Just for the record:

    'type'         => 'wysiwyg',
    'editor'       => 'markitup',
    'editor_config' => 'markdown',
    'markdown'     => TRUE,
    'ignore_representative' => TRUE
  • Thanks for fixing it in the latest dev release!

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