Ion_Auth simple module issues

Using version 1.4.2. Been a while since I've done any PHP stuff and used FuelCMS and CodeIgniter so I may be trying something I shouldn't. Here goes.

Ion_Auth creates a table named 'users' which conflicts with the fuel_users module so I created a simple module name 'Members_module' but referenced the 'users' table.

ISSUE 1: Ion_Auth has an 'active' field in the 'users' table but it uses 1/0 instead of 'yes','no'. Is there a way to defeat the automatic addition to the query that looks for active = 'yes'? I tried find_one_by_id($user_id) and just the basic find_one() with a 'where' query but it still adds the check for active = 'yes'.

As a temporary measure (I hate doing this) I went into the ion_auth_model and changed all the 1's and 0's for the active field to 'yes','no' and changed the 'users' table to be an 'enum' table with those values.

ISSUE 2(re: issue 1): Now, when I run find_one_by_id($user_id) it returns an empty array. I used a debug_query and copied and the resulting query and ran it directly against the database and it returns a record.

QUESTION: When this runs in fuel, do you think it's looking in the fuel_users table? Why would it return an empty recordset even though the query works when run directly?


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    For anyone else who wonders about this, I added this to the model and it fixed the issue of the 'active' field defaulting to 'yes','no'...
    public $boolean_fields = array('active');
    Now the query looks like this...
    SELECT `users`.* FROM `users` WHERE `id` = '2' AND `users`.`active` = 1 LIMIT 1
    But issue 2 remains. I can run the above query directly and it returns a record but when being processed in the app it returns an empty array.

  • I created a controller instead of doing the opt-in controller thing and put this in the index function:

    $CI =& get_instance();
    if( $CI->session->has_userdata('user_id')  ) {
      $user = $this->members_model->get_user($CI->session->has_userdata('user_id'));
      $vars['first_name'] = $user->first_name;
      $vars['user'] = $user;
    $this->fuel->pages->render('members', $vars);

    When I echo json_encode($user) in the view I still get an empty object ({}) but when I echo $first_name I actually get the first_name value. How do I pass the entire $user array to the view? Do I have to pass each individual variable from the controller?

    I must be doing something wrong. Any help clarifying would be greatly appreciated.

  • Is $user returning an array or an object? If an object, I'd suggest converting it to an array so that json_encode knows how to deal with it.

  • @swampthang are you able to share your complete solution with ion_auth? I'm in the same situation. That would be great!

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