Postgres Recharged

Third attempt :)
I just found out, that Fuel CMS was not meant to be used with a Postgres DB, but I need it, since I have to query a MySQL and a Postgres Db in the same app.

I was able to add and extend the Fuel Postgre Drivers by trial and error. (I think it comes down to rewrite some queries that are not written in strict sql like this:

// mysql LIKE "%xo%"
array_push($$joiner_arr, 'LOWER('.$key.') LIKE "%'.strtolower($val).'%"');
// vs.
// postgre LIKE '%xo%'
array_push($$joiner_arr, 'LOWER('.$key.') LIKE \'%'.strtolower($val).'%\'');

My question is:

  1. did you already try to make it work for postgre?
  2. if not, what's the best way to go through the code, without trial and error?

In the postgres post from 2011 there were talks about writing tests, but that's unknown terrain for me.


  • There have not be any updates to FUEL regarding Postgres and it would be a matter of trial and error unfortunately.

  • Ok, then it's my turn to try it and hopefully not abandon the idea :)

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