Print $CI object for debugging

Hey, I wonder how do you debug Fuel CMS?
I usually use KINT ( to print variables, objects etc. The nice thing about KINT is, that it also shows me methods and hints. Unfortunately, when I want to output($CI) or even subsets d($CI->fuel), the server runs out of memory. The same happens for var_dump($CI). Why is that and how to achieve, what I described?


  • FUEL doesn't have it's own debugging function (although it would be a nice addition I think). The $CI object has child objects that have properties that reference the $CI object and so debugging that object can be problematic since it causes and infinite loop (although I thought Kint handled that but perhaps not). There are a couple of homegrown functions found here to help with that:

  • Thanks for hinting Kint depth limit. It works to lower the limit.

    In case someone is interested in it:

    I installed Kint via composer (so it's available in the framework, see config.php -> $config['composer_autoload']).

    Created \fuel\application\helpers\kint_helper.php(enabled it in autoload.php) with the following content

    // Kint Debug Helper
    //\Kint::$plugins = ['Kint_Parser_Trace','Kint_Parser_Json','Kint_Parser_Color'];
    \Kint::$max_depth = 2;
     * ddd() was removed from kint core so we have to create it on our own and alias it in kint
     * @param array ...$v
    function ddd(...$v){
    \Kint::$aliases[] = 'ddd';
    Kint_Parser_Blacklist::$blacklist[] = 'CI_User_agent';
    // not sure how to use this. I suppose, Twig can be blacklisted here.
    Kint_Parser_Blacklist::$shallow_blacklist[] = 'Psr\Container\ContainerInterface';
    $test = [1,[2,[3,[4]]]];

    As much as I love Kint, I think Tracy would be a great addition to fuel cms for exception handling and debugging. What do you think?

  • Thanks for the code example. I believe CI 4 is using that now too:

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