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Requested URL was rejected

Hello Admin,

Some of my admin url says:
"The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 2714949179800851776"

Like in

  • /admin/logs
  • /admin/manage/cache
  • /fuel/settings/manage/blog

Thank you in advance. Please help ASAP.


  • Did you change the admin URI from /fuel to /admin. That error message seems server specific.

  • Yes I change the URL. But it happens in /fuel too.
    What cause the error? And what will be the solution?

  • That error message seems specific to your hosting environment so it's tough to say. Are you able to access the site at http://{}/index.php/fuel ?

  • Yes, and it says "404 Page Not Found".

    Any hope?


  • Is the admin enable in the fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php?

  • Yes, it is enable in MY_fuel.php

    $config['fuel_path'] = 'admin/';

  • What is the value of the following in the MY_fuel.php file?

    $config['admin_enabled'] = TRUE;
  • Yes, it is TRUE

  • What about the URL:


    Note that I added login at the end so it doesn't redirect to /admin. Does it help if you change the fuel_path in MY_fuel.php back to fuel/?

  • Hi it is opening the login page with above URL.

    But I can not open the page http://{}/fuel/manage/cache

    Can I send you my live website URL in your email?


  • This appears to be some sort of server specific issue in which I think you'll need to contact them to resolve unfortunately.

  • Hi, can you guess what is the issue is exactly is? So that I can ask them to resolve it. What makes the error appear?


  • Sorry, I'm not quite sure since that server error message is pretty vague and not one I've seen before.

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