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Adding and HTML table to module admin page

I have clients that sign up and buy subscriptions. On the Admin page for each client can I add additional information to the page? I want to see what orders they have placed.


  • In your model's form_fields()

    $fields['my_table'] = $this->render_mytable($CI,$values);

    And then...

    function render_mytable($CI,$values) {
        $str = '<div>rendered version of the data you want to show</div>';
         return array('type' => 'copy', 'tag'=>'div','value' => $str, 'order' => 101, 'js' => '<script>$(function(){ /* add your javascript here */ });</script>');
  • Thank you. The table is now showing up just above the Active checkbox. Is there a way to make it below the checkbox?

  • You can also look at the "embedded_list":

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